Virtual companies & young achievement

Entrepreneurial culture

Ikasenpresa is an educational program that is developed around the creation of school companies in the classroom. The aim of this project is to offer an approach to the business world into the classroom, focusing on the development of entrepreneurial skills (creativity, innovation, team work, decision making, initiative, leadership, commitment and determination, negotiation, etc.), to stimulate the approach to other cultures and social realities and to promote the cooperation among schools.


  • Create an Ikasenpresa, so the students are conscious of what is entrepreneurship and the steps that it takes.
  • Develop the student’s skills to turn them in good professionals- employable and active entrepreneur and intrapreneur persons.
  • Sensitize the student about self-employment as another option.

Ikasenpresa creates an innovative educational context and uses a practical learning methodology that includes the management of new technologies (e-mail, videoconference, use of foreign languages, etc.), work tools and communication; all of them considered to be essential resources in nowadays information society.

What is being done?
Students create a small company in which they carry on all the related business activities, such as corporate image, administration, marketing, buying and selling, etc. All products are real, and students are one at a time in charge of making and selling them. Throughout the school year they have two General Assemblies in which two representatives take part in the meetings. In the first one, each company is presented to the rest, and, in the second meeting, students talk about how everything is going. During the first part of these meetings, they take part into workshops related to communication and point of sales.

During the month of February, a fair takes place in which the students work the point of sale and offer their products to the general public.