Team members

Risto Virkkunen

Risto Virkkunen is International Coordinator in Kainuu Vocational College. He has 15 years’ experience of international projects. He coordinates ToVET project.

Katarina Sandbacka

Ms Katarina Sandbacka is Manager of International affairs in Vamia, Vaasa (Finland) and has a MPhil in Gastronomy and product development and a BSc in Hotel and Catering Management. She has worked with various international development and mobility projects for over10 years. Previously she has worked as head of department both within VET and the restaurant industry as well as a lecturer within Food and Restaurant Business.

Anne-Mari Behm

Anne-Mari Behm, Specialist, internationalization and teaching technology
Mrs Behm is an specialist of international activities in Vocational College Samiedu. She has master degnee in Hospitality Management, barcelor degree in marketing and management in tourism busines, professional teacher degree, dibloma studies in education export, and also diploma studies in supervision and management.

Since 2002 she has been working as tourism teacher and head of division for 12 years, and latest 7 years in quality and development division as project manager in several digital teaching technology projects, pedagogical development projects and international projects. Her greatest interest are digital and virtual development, online learning, VR and AR in vocational education.

Ari Hannus

Ari Hannus is International Coordinator in Education Centre Brahe. He has long experience of international projects and vocational education.

Mari Kontturi

Mari Kontturi has 20 years experience in internationalisation of VET. She works at Luovi Vocational College as Manager of International Affairs. She is experienced in Peer review and international strategy work.

Francesca Drago

Since 2005 coordinator and project disigner of transnational projects (Erasmus and ESF) at Scuola Centrale Formazione. She deals with all aspects connected with mobility (ougoing and incoming mobilities, building of internationalization strategies, internationalisation at home, ECVET framework aimed to recognition of learning outcomes). She is coordinator of the research project “GORES – a model for recognition of LOs in mobilities) financed by the Italian Ministry of Labour and responsible of the event DO YOUR MOB promoted by Scuola Centrale since 2012 and dedicated to the topic of “internationalisation in the VET system”.

Simona Puggioni

She has a Master Degree in Languages for Tourism and Business Communication, 2 Courses on European projects attended at CCITABEL in Brussels and more than 4 years of experience in EU project management.

Luca Calligaro

He has a Master Degree in European Studies and more than 5 years of experience in EU project management. He is in charge of the International Affairs Department of ENAC and has designed and managed several EU projects in the VET field addressing the following topics: Early School Leaving, Failure in education, Key Competences, New innovative curricula and educational methods, Entrepreneurship education.

Sulevi Komulainen

Mr. Komulainen is a Project Manager at YSAO, specializing in Technology and International projects. He has a Master’s degree in Information Technology and a Bachelor degree in Mechanical and Automotive Engineering. He has more than 30 years of work experience in international technology companies from various positions, e.g. business development and company management. The work experience also includes coordinating a five-year vocational school establishment project in Tanzania, East Africa.

Mika Heino

Mr Heino is an Expert of International Activities in Omnia, Espoo (Finland) and has a Master’s degree in Hospitality Management. He has been working with various international projects and student mobility for 10 years. Previously he worked as a lecturer of Restaurant Business in Omnia Adult Education Centre.

Iker Orueta

Mr. Orueta is CEO at Education&Mobility. He has worked with various international development and mobility projects for over 8 years.

Sergio Fidalgo

Sergio Fidalgo is the person in charge of the international programs at IKASLAN (association of public vocational schools in the Basque Country) since 2006. This association is made up of 70 schools. Although he worked in international programs since 1999. He has also been a professor in the automotive department from 1984 to 2005. Degree in Political Science and Industrial Technician.