Together for Future VETskills (ToVET)

The project is funded by European Union Erasmus+ KA3 – Support for Policy Reform Networks and Partnerships of Vocational Education and Training (VET).

The project involves four networks from different parts of Europe. Finnish network European Pathway has been working together already ten years and it operates on national level covering all sectors in vocational education. Italian networks ENAC ENTE NAZIONALE CANOSSIANO (ENAC) and SCUOLA CENTRALE FORMAZIONE ASSOCIAZIONE (SCF) have a long history. SCF has existed since 1975 and ENAC since 1993. They are national with all sectors. Spanish network ASOCIACION DE DIRECTORES DE CENTROSDE FORMACION PROFESIONAL PU (IKASLAN) has been since 1993 and covers more than 60 VET providers in Basque country.

The project activities are to:

  • Strengthen cooperation among VET providers by engaging in mutual learning, peer counselling, and capacity building, aimed at raising the quality and attractiveness of VET provision
  • Promote and foster the effective use of EU funding instruments
  • Support the implementation and dissemination of relevant EU tools and initiatives in the field of VET, whenever possible in national language(s)
  • Involve and reach-out to VET providers that do not yet contribute or benefit from European cooperation.
  • Contribute to the European Vocational Skills Week
  • Support the development of an internationalisation strategy at providers’ level, fostering the mobility of leaders, staff and VET learners, as well as the establishment of cooperation partnerships.
  • Foster innovative learning of key competences in VET (for example, allow flexibility and adaptability to meet individual learning needs) by adapting programme design and assessment.

Flyers and leaflets

Together for Future VETskills
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