Kick-off meeting in Helsinki

One month after the beginning of the project, the partnership met for the Kick-off meeting: it took place on the 5th and 6th of November 2019 in Helsinki and all the partners attended it.

Risto Virkkunen, on behalf of the lead partner, opened the meeting and asked all the partners to present their own organizations, even if most of them knew each other already. Then he proceeded with the explanation of the project’s objectives and asked again the partners to present the work packages they led. The Finnish partner started presenting the first four work packages. In fact, European Pathway is a network made by seven VET centres in Finland so they lead several work packages: Preparation, Management, Internationalisation strategy and Key Competences. The two Italian partners continued the presentation of the WPs they lead: respectively Vet Week and Evaluation by Scuola Centrale Formazione and Quality Assurance by ENAC Ente Nazionale Canossiano. Last to present on the first day was the Spanish partner, Ikaslan, that presented the Dissemination work package. On the first day, thanks to the presentation of all the WPs, the partners had the chance to go through all the project documents and to solve all the issues raised.

After a day full of discussion (and agreements) the partners met in the evening for a typical Finnish dinner.

On the second day the partnership continued working on the work plan and the timetable in order to define the dates of the next meetings, both in presence and online, the strategy workshop and the VET week events.

Next appointment for them will be online, in December, to proceed with the work and to hear the news coming from the Kick-off meeting with the EU that will take place in Brussels in few weeks.