1st International Strategy Workshop

1st Day Presentations
The first of three workshops was held in Zoom 11.5.2021. About 40 VET providers Serbia, Slovakia, Croatia,Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Spain, Finland and Switzerland took part. Mr. Mika Saarinen from Finnish National Agency for Education was the keynote speaker.
Topics were:
How can internationalisation benefit your organisation?
Why strategic planning is important?How to get started?
•the value of strategic planning, the structure and the issues and processes involved
•the benefits of strategic planning in the field of internationalisation
•linking the international activities closer to the organisation strategies•how to proceed to the next steps needed in your own organisation
•how to measure the progress and results
Two more workshops will be organised: 10.6.2021 at 14.00-17.00 CET and (September date to be confirmed later)