Social Media in Internationalisation

Two Spanish VET schools (San José de Calasanz College from Bilbao and IES Florez from Burgos) were working on the idea of strengthening internationalisation strategies. Being aware of the importance of preparing the VET students to function in a global context they decided to create a blog to encourage students and VET professionals to be more international.

This blog was created initially to give visibility to Erasmus programmes at local level, encouraging people to be part of Erasmus+ programmes. In this blog a participant could give their feedback about international activities and the benefits of it.

After years of cooperation at national and European levels, the blog went from a local level blog to a national blog, involving more than 25 different VET schools in Spain and including stakeholders and European schools.


• Encourage VET education, and to make visible at international level.

• Encourage student to face their own limits and go out of their comfort zone, seeing the wonderful experiences of their classmates.

• Provide data base in countries and companies for other partners.

• Create a network of VET Centres at Spanish and European level that work in the international field from which no doubt many meetings and projects may arise in the future …

Target groups: VET students and VET professionals and stakeholders.